A Brief Introduction To Hologram Stickers

A Brief Introduction To Hologram Stickers
Most of us might have come across one or more hologram stickers before, but what exactly are these shiny little labels? To begin with, these things are specially designed by mixing either a 2D or 3D image with a tag. They are provided with an adhesive backing so as to affix them wherever necessary. Their application is primarily useful in purposes that demand verification and security. However, these stickers are distributed for entertainment purposes as well.

How Are They Created?

The steps involved in the formation of hologram stickers are very precise and technical. Initially, a specific image is first copied and then engraved onto a particular surface with the help of a laser beam. Most of the times, the surface is either a modified paper, or one made of traditional foil. There are plenty of things that can be transformed into holographic labels, including numbers, texts, various designs, photographs and even drawings. But the biggest plus point is that a picture can be layered as well for achieving different 2D or 3D effects.

What Are Their General Uses?

There are plenty of organisations, big and small, that make use of hologram stickers, particularly to enhance the security of different products. Owing to their versatility, these stickers are capable of reflecting specific product security logo or code, which is why they are used on computers, software, packages, and other similar stuff potentially vulnerable to security breaches or tampering. The main purpose is to ensure an additional layer of safety, and the labels are designed in that fashion. For example, some options are sensitive to pressure, and show apparent signs of damage if any attempt is made to remove them. And there are some which release unique keywords or patterns in case they are tampered with.

Apart from security, as has already been mentioned, holographic stickers have found their application in entertainment purposes as well, due to their attractive and unique appearance. They are most commonly used on toys & novelty products, and portray colourful or cartoon images.

So these are the basics of hologram stickers, how they are made and used for different applications in the real world. Not only have they given us an upper hand in improving security of packed goods, but also helped in putting a lid on the creation of counterfeit licenses or credit cards by identity thieves, and increasing the appeal of items made for entertainment.


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